Android Sales Figures After Placing 3rd in the Android Developer Challenge 2

I posted a few weeks back on my Car Locator Android app sales figures. I was pretty excited when my app netted a record $44.00 in sales shortly after it was announced that my app made the final round of the Android Developer Challenge 2. I was hopeful that sales would settle around $20/day, and was content with the app making just enough money to pay for my meals everyday.

It's been an exciting 3 weeks since then. One of the highlights of my day is logging into my Google Checkout account, tallying up the number of sales of my app, and plugging the number into my excel sheet every evening (yes, I know, I live a simple life). Last week, I released version 2.0 of the app with a lot of new features. But the really exciting news came when I heard from Google that my Car Locator app placed 3rd in the Travel category of the contest, winning me a nice $25,000 prize.

Needless to say, things are looking up for Car Locator and I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out. I'd like to share with everyone some updated numbers since my last post.


  • About 39,000 downloads of the free version.
  • 959 downloads of the paid version at $2 each.
  • At last check, the app was ranked #14 in the Travel category for paid apps.


  • I recently discovered a bug in the free trial of my app that caused it to never expire, making it essentially the same as the paid version of my app. Oops! Amazingly, people were still buying the full version. This has restored my faith in humanity.
  • The spike around November 23rd coincided with the release of Car Locator 2.0.
  • The spike around December 1st coincides with all the press/blogs covering the ADC2 winners (for example, here, here, and here). Sales for the past 3 days have exceeded $100/day, with the record being December 2, at $156.00.
  • Having a visible position in the Android Market is vital to the success of the app because there aren't many avenues for an Android app to get exposure other than the Android Market. Your rank on the Android Market appears to be some combination of your average rating and number of downloads. Obviously, this is sort of a chicken-egg problem for developers. The recent string of fortuitous events for my app was enough to push it into a high enough position to get enough visibility. I hope it's able to stay there.
  • Sales of the app is still nothing I can live off of, but it's definitely paying for more than meals at this point, and is providing some nice extra income. Especially after winning $25,000 from the contest, I now owe a lot of dinners to friends!